Econometrics I (fall 2017)

This is the support page for Econometrics I (Applied Econometrics with R, fall 2017). You can find materials (such as slides and sample programs) and other information for the course.

As a preparation for this course, you need to install R and related programs in your own computer. Here is a brief guide of how to install them. It is expected that you have done the installation before the second lecture.

Course Information

Time and classroom: Mon 19:00 - 21:20, 1700
Instructor: Jia-Ping HUANG
E-mail: huangjp #at# szu . edu . cn
Office hours: Mon/Tue 13:00 - 14:00
Grading: attitude (10%) + assignments (2 × 10%) + presentation (20%) + final report (50%)

Schedule and Materials


Reading and Presentation

Reading groups (in initials)

Journal list (not a ranking)

Useful References

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  7. Quick-R,

Further Readings

  1. Angrist, J. D. and Pischke, J.-S., Mastering ‘Metrics: The Path from Cause to Effect, Princeton University Press, 2015.