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Advanced Mathematics C1 (spring 2023)

This course and its subsequent Advanced Mathematics C2 cover the most fundamental mathematical tools for business and economics students. Topics covered by these courses contain sets and logics, equations, matrix algebra, functions, derivatives and optimization, and integrals. The purpose of the courses is helping students raise their ability of mathematical thinking in order to better understand other subject.  

Course Information

Course ID: 0208520001
Credit: 4
Lecture time: Session 7-8 (14:15-15:40) on Monday/Wednesday
Classroom: South 207, Square Building, Lihu Campus (丽湖校区 四方楼 南207)
Instructor: Jia-Ping Huang
Office hour: Please contact the following email address
E-mail: huangjp #at# szu . edu . cn

Prerequisites and Suggestions

Knowledge of pre-university mathematics is not required. A graphing calculator may be useful for self-study but is not necessary for the course and is forbidden in exams. Students may also use online tools such as WolframAlpha ( to deepen their understanding.


Knut Sydsaeter et al. (2016). Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis, Fifth Edition. Pearson.

Topics to be Covered

Chapter 1: Essentials of Logic and Set Theory
Chapter 2: Algebra
Chapter 3: Solving Equations
Chapter 15: Matrix and Vector Algebra
Chapter 16: Determinants and Inverse Matrices
Chapter 4: Functions of One Variable
Chapter 5: Properties of Functions


Attendance: 40%
Final exam: 60%

Final Exam

The final exam usually will take place at the last teaching week of this semester. It is open-book, but only materials in paper format (textbook, printouts, study notes, etc.) are permitted. No electronic device is allowed during the exam, including your smart phone.

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