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Advanced Mathematics C2 (fall 2022)

Advanced Mathematics C2 is a subsequent course of Advanced Mathematics C1. In this course we learn calculus, including differentiation, single variable optimization, applications in economics, and integration. Students who finish this course will have a minimum foundation of mathematical knowledge in their study of further topics in economics and management.

Course Information

Course ID: 0208490001
Credit: 4
Class time: Session 7-8 (14:15-15:40) on Tuesday/Thursday
Classroom: Online
Instructor: Jia-Ping Huang
Office hour: Please contact the following email address
E-mail: huangjp #at# szu . edu . cn

Style of Learning

In this semester we take an asynchronous approach for online learning, since this better suits the situation that our students are in different countries around the world. In this approach, students need to be more active instead of massively watching a lecture video. During each 80 minutes study time, students are recommended to read the textbook first, trying to understand the topics for that class. Supportive materials like video clips are provided, which can help students deepen their understanding. In tutorial classes, students are asked to solve some exercises from the textbook independently, then watch explanation videos to check their answers. A quiz will be given when attendance is taken for each class.

All materials can be found in the following OneDrive folder:!ArnbvtxDgBZsoDYksOJnkzU4vXP3?e=FlePVh

or the following Tencent Weiyun folder:

Both folders are password protected. Passwords can be obtained in the communication group of this course. If you are living outside of mainland China, please use the OneDrive folder. The Tencent Weiyun folder is for those living inside mainland China, where a VPN service is needed to access the OneDrive folder.

For every particular class day you will find a corresponding subfolder named with the date following a consecutive number, e.g., “1.Sep 6”. In each subfolder, there is a study guide for that class saved in a file named “Readme.pdf”. You can read this file first, then use the textbook and other supportive materials given in the subfolder to finish your study. The attendance quiz will be provided through a web survey for each class.

Basically you need to be studying within the class time. However, if you really cannot follow the schedule, you can arrange your own one. The deadline of submitting attendance of a class is 23:59:59 (UTC+8) of the next day. For example, for a Tuesday class in Sep 6, the deadline is 23:59:59 (UTC+8) of Wednesday Sep 7.

Prerequisites and Suggestions

Knowledge of the topics in Advanced Mathematics C1 is required. A graphing calculator may be useful for self-study but is not necessary for the course and is forbidden in exams. Students may also use online tools such as WolframAlpha ( to deepen their understanding.


Knut Sydsaeter et al. (2016). Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis, Fifth Edition. Pearson.

Topics to be Covered

Chapter 6: Differentiation
Chapter 7: Derivatives in Use
Chapter 8: Single-Variable Optimization
Chapter 9: Integration


Attendance: 20%
Quiz: 20%
Final assignment: 60%

Final Assignment

The final assignment will be given in the class on December 22 December 20, 2022 using the online share folder of this course.

  • Deadline: December 24 December 22, 23:59:59 (in China Standard Time, UTC+8)
  • Submission: Please follow the procedure below.
    1. Print out the assignment file and write answers directly on it.
    2. Scan your answers and save in a single pdf file.
    3. Send the pdf file containing your answers via email to huangjp #at# szu . edu . cn (delete unnecessary spaces and #) before the deadline.

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